UG registration

I live in Finland and want to register UG in Hamburg woth my brother. Please advise

Dear Sir or Madam

Thank you for the enquiry. A UG comes into being through the notarial certification of the shareholders' agreement and the entry in the commercial register. You can find an overview of Hamburg notaries for making an appointment here:

We would be happy to check in advance whether a company can be entered in the Hamburg Commercial Register. For this purpose, please send us the company name, object and registered office of the company as well as the shareholder data informally by e-mail to

In addition, a business registration is required before the business operation can be commenced. You can register a business for activities that do not require a licence and have their registered office in Hamburg via our Chamber of Commerce or the responsible consumer protection office. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail at or make an appointment for a consultation at

You can find further information in the following documents: and

Your team of Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

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